Quantum RC is excited to announce partnership with the German-based Torpine for the distribution of its line of RC product in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. Torpine products includes RC accessories, as well as their popular conversion kit and upgrade parts for the ARC R12 and ARC R12MFWD.

Product Code: TOR-R12MFWD-KIT2
Torpine Front Wheel Drive (FWD) conversion kit for ARC R12 (With Split Blocks)

Product Code: TOR-R12MFWD-KIT1
Torpine Front Wheel Drive (FWD) conversion kit for ARC R12 (Without Split Blocks)

The Torpine FWD conversion set for the ARC R12 brings the performance of the ARC R12 with all its improvements to a mid-engine FWD car. The set contains all the necessary components for the conversion. The newly designed combined motor / servo holder is installed in place of the original motor holder. The original servo holder must be removed for this. The servo is attached to the motor / servo holder with the supplied servo holder plate. A special lipo holder is also included, which enables the installation of a shorty lipo. This can be used with standard battery tape or with the optionally available ARC battery holder (R119016). The lipo holder is attached to the chassis in 3 places. This brings more stability to the shorty's position. Then the 65g brass weight also included in the set is installed together with the enclosed hard bumper instead of the original bumper. The bumper has a corresponding cutout for the weight. Optionally, there will be a 35g brass weight that can then be screwed onto the 65g weight. Furthermore, of course, the entire rear drive train has to be removed and the differential is placed in the front axle after filling with harder silicone oil. We recommend starting with 400-500k oil, but of course this will vary depending on the track conditions. Very important! The original track block (continuous) must be replaced by split blocks. That is why this set is available in 2 versions. Once with (original ARC brass track blocks) and once without split track blocks, depending on whether you already have the split blocks or not. 

Contents of the set: 
- Motor / servo holder (7075 aluminum - black anodized) 
- Bumper weight 65g (brass) 
- Bumper-HARD (with cutout for the 65g weight) 
- Shorty Lipo holder (3mm carbon) 
- Servo holder plate (2.5mm carbon) 
- ARC R111063 - R11 / R12 Servo Mount-Left
- M3 screw set 
- ARC R113200 - R11 / R12 Suspension Block -Brass RF (5.7g) (without split block TOR-R12MFWD-KIT1)

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