New release from Muchmore Racing is the Cell Master SPECTER Charger featuring 350W high power with 40A charge and 40A discharge (with the optional discharge bank). Offering a 4.3inch IPS touch screen, the menu structure of this charger was designed to be very easy to use for all skill levels. The displays shows the battery condition very accurately with clear color and fast response with real-time battery IR view.

The Cell Master SPECTER is very convenient for all level of racing. This charger optimizes battery conditioning management of Li-Po and Li-HV cells. This includes an optimal cycle mode to maintain your batteries and guarantee the most power! Special feature of the Cell Master SPECTER is the cycle mode for stock racing. This mode is most suitable for stock races which is lowers the internal resistance of the battery to create more powerful performance.

The Cell Master SPECTER has a high discharge specification with the use of optional Cell Master Discharge Resist Bank can double the performance! The optional device adds 20A discharge rate to maximize a total of 40A discharge capability. THe charger is equipped with IC controlled cooling fans to protect from high temperature of device, powered by DC input (11-26V / 30A), includes a 2-cell balanced charging cable and DC input power cable. 

Muchmore Cell Master SPECTER

Muchmore Cell Master SPECTER Discharge Resist Bank

Display: 4.3 inch IPS LCD DC Input: DC 11~26V / 30A
Charge Power: 40A / 400W
Discharge Power: 20A / 175W (With Optional Dischaerge Bank : 40A / 350W)
Lithium Battery balance current: 1A
Memory Save: 8 slots
Ext. Temp Socket: Futaba 3P Socket
LI-Po / Li-HV / Li-Fe / Li-Ion: 1 - 6 cells
Ni-Cd / Ni-Mh: 1 - 15 cells
Pb: 2 - 20V
Dimensions: 155 x 128 x 67.5 mm (L x W x H)
Weight: 822g

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