Blitz released its newest range of 190mm touring car racing bodyshell, the Blitz Roadster. The new bodyshell take shapes to include many design in popular modern touring car bodyshell. P.Y.Tang recently made some track test with the Blitz Roadster to compare with some of the popular bodyshell in the Singapore Urban RC track.

Below is P.Y.Tang report on the test;

"I have a chance to start testing the new Blitz Roadster 0.5mm and the 0.7mm version. Just recently I got the new platform ARC R12 up to speed with some good settings in our local at Singapore rooftop track Urban RC, therefore the result of the test is with good confidence. The test was in Urban RC, the onroad track is one of the most demanding and challenging track I have been too. The condition is very different than most asphalt track which requires some unusual settings on the car to make it run like a normal asphalt condition car. Urban RC is also a very small and technical track with average mid to high 9s laptime depending on the condition. However, Urban RC is a very good track to test new parts as the settings made are still producing the same technical effect.

In the test, I ran the new Blitz Roadster with the Twister which I am also familiar with. The testing was done completed in 2 track days. I started out testing with the 0.7mm version Roadster. No changes were done in car setup with was suited for the Twister. The Roadster at first feel gave a lot more steering which is typical characteristic in Blitz bodies. Overall body is stable however it needed some rear stability due to the more steering. Overall downforce feel is quite similar, with the Twister a little more press down feel. Initial steering feel is very good but the 0.7mm was lacking in rotation and response which i needed in the small tight track. First day result was Roadster about 0.1s off the usual Twister super light.

In the second test day, I was able to get a hold of some 0.5mm Roadster. Without any car setup changes, the lighter body is already feeling very good in rotation and response. It matches the laptimes but the car was still feeling a little edgy with the more steering feel so still not that consistent and harder to drive. A quick setup change on the anti roll bars was enough to make the car easier to drive with the Roadster. Instead of front 1.3/rear 1.3, I have made the change to front 1.4/rear 1.2. With the change, the Twister would feel slightly understeer but just nice for the Roadster and it was enough to match laptimes easily. Another tweak i made was changing the original wing to a 1mm Zoo Hellcat wing which made the mid-corner rotation a better feel. I feel the original wing is still a good wing design but will be much better for larger tracks which requires a bit more downforce, and which may not required in small track. A final tweak would be increasing the brake power which I normally run lower on the Twister. The increase in brake allows braking later and the Roadster still provided plenty of steering.

Final setup feels easy drive with more steering feel, better rear stability and consistency. You can find my setup sheet here of my
ARC R12Muchmore ESC and Blitz Roadster 0.5mm. Enjoy!

P.Y.Tanng - Team ARC/Muchmore/Blitz/Titan"

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Source: BlitzUrbanRC