Mr.Yuichiro Takaya from NASA R/C Fuel & Chemical Parts kindly got in touch with us to explain on NASA products and how it works. Currently a test driver for NASA products, Mr.Yuichiro Takaya is residing in the Philippines, and have been testing and improving the company's flagship product of the Mighty Gripper, one of the most popular brand in RC car tire addictive.

Below is Mr.Yuichiro Takaya's article on the Mighty Gripper.
"About the difference of Mighty Gripper V3 Yellow and V3 Blue; The yellow is good for use on the high grip condition racing track. A development concept is a car can flow on the heavy track condition well. We put our new technology in the yellow can. You can feel your car lighter even track became very high grip with yellow. In other words, This yellow can not give you strong grip on the low grip track.

The Blue will give just really strong traction on your rubber and foam tires. The V3 Blue is stronger then our V2 red before. This is our best answer for a parson who really need strong one! You just may need to be careful to use this if the track became high grip condition. Because if track and tires both high grip together, It will sure happen car spinning or traction roll on the corners.

In between high grip and low grip, we recommend to use 2 time apply by blue and yellow.
Or We recommend you to blend blue and yellow to make your own special traction control compound.
Actually, This was our purpose since when we were making this last 2 years.

So now, You may have a best traction compound for high grip track and its yellow. Then you may also have a best traction compound for low grip track. Thank you for your supporting my products always."

Mr.Yuichiro Takaya organizes the NASA Cup annually in Manila which has been at the JP Raceway for the past few years. After telling us briefly on which Mighty Gripper to choose in different track conditions, we tested our luck to convince Mr.Yuichiro to tell us how he uses the tire addictive in his testing. Mr.Yuichiro happily shared with us the information!

"I would like to share my technique how to have more grip with mighty grippers here below.

My tips how to control tire grip by MG3.

Tech1.., MG3 can have more grip with 2 times apply. Blue and blue, yellow and yellow, and blue and yellow combinations are effective to have more grip compare to just 1 apply. From strongest grip down below,

Blue and Blue: This is most grip higher.  (tire become most softer). Cant apply blue for front tire tread 100%. Because blue is too strong then car became hard to steer. (too much response for steering work). I always prefer to customers front only max 80% for tire center of tread.

Blue just once: Apply for front only 50-80% "tire tread center"  and rear must be 100%

Blue and Yellow: This is most useful combination to control tire grip. Your can change tire grip at will. Usual way, apply blue front only 20-80% on center of  tire tread. And rear is always 100%. After dried the blue, apply the yellow for front and rear both 100% each.

Yellow and Yellow: Yellow apply and leave 10 minutes then apply yellow again. front and rear 100% of tire tread.

Yellow just once: Yellow apply just ones. This will work for high grip track well.

But…, Tech2...I have an other tips If track is dusty then tires are sliding. This tip will work for any traction compound if track is dusty. After mounted any (MG3 and others) traction compounds, You just wipe tire by WD-40 oil before your run car 1 minutes. WD-40 will help tires to avoid to have dust from the dusty track few minutes. Its work sure very well but, how long time effect is depend on how much the track is dusty. By the way I don’t prefer to mix blue and yellow. Its much much better the way 2 times applies."

As track conditions changes and many new tracks becomes available, we will try to bring you new methods in NASA Mighty Gripper application methods in a later stage, which Mr.Yuichiro is currently testing.

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