Muchmore releases new 60 Amp 750 Watts power supply. Redesigned from a computer power supply, the Power Master 4 offers a competitive pricing along Muchmore trademark design suitable for direct use to Muchmore racing equipment. The Power Master 4 also goes through a high quality check to ensures stable current supply when charging at high amps.

Power Master 4 has 6 output ports, so you can connect 6 devices simultaneously. The IC cooling fan manages the temperature inside the device during use. It connects chargers, tire warmers, and other devices to provide power without insufficient power.

Weight: 1,100g
Maximum out current: 60A 
Input power voltage: AC 100~240V Auto Change System
Output voltage: 12V 
Case: Full Aluminum case
Power status: Green LED 
Power switch: On / Off type
Protection circuit: Overload protection, short circuit protection circuit 
Cooling System: IC Temperature Cooling Fan
Minimize noise: Noise Filter Equipped

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