The ARC R11F launched its new series of front wheel drive. First major race for the new ARC R11F was at the 2019/2020 Euro Touring Series in Daun, Germany in February 2020. The event was the largest ETS turnout ever with 400 entries.  A total of 5 ARC R11Fs were in the top 13. ARC team driver Henrik Heitsch TQ and winning the the FWD class with his ARC R11F and the Blitz EK9 bodyshell.

1st. (TQ) Henrik Heitsch (Winner of A-Main) - ARC R11F - Blitz EK9
3rd. Enrico Jung - ARC R11F - Blitz EK9
9th. Torsten Baggendorf - ARC R11F - Blitz EK9
12th. Kevin Sparbier (Winner of B-Main) - ARC R11F - Blitz EK9
13th. Tobi Schuster - ARC R11F - Blitz EK9
22th. Jonas Jonni (Winner C-Main) - ARC R11F - Blitz EK9

Here are the setups of Henrik and Torsten. Henrik drove the carbon chassis and Torsten the aluminum. 

Here is the link to the setup sheets: 

Source: Henrik Heitsch