P.Y.Tang attended the 2020 TITC with his Muchmore-powered ARC R11 Mid. Many testings were done before qualifying where PY chose the stiffer mid aluminum chassis over the standard 2mm carbon chassis, for stability. The car setup is quite similar to P.Y.'s basic setup with more tweaks focusing on the roll center, gear diffs, shocks and chassis flex. The Muchmore power plant package includes the Fleta Pro V2 ESC with the latest Expert 1.6 firmware, Fleta ZX V2 4.5T HE motor and Impact Silicon Graphene FD4 5800mah 130C Super LCG battery. Completing the package is the Xpert R3 low profile servos, Hiro Seiko shock oils and aluminum/titanium screws, Blitz bodyshell accessories, Dryfluid lubricants, Titan and TWT setup tools. Quickest laptime achieved was 15.0s. Setup sheet for the ARC R11 Mid and Muchmore ESC can be found here in this link.