After a long break due to the Covid-19 situation, a restart of the premier ETS race with 2020 season round 3 in Andernach, Germany. Team ARC Henrik Heitsch, Lars Hoppe, Enrico Jung and many others in attendance running the ARC R12 making its debut in the ETS since its release in June 2020.

With very little track time, the newly-wed Lars Hoppe managed to get the new ARC R12 into the A-Main of Xray ProStock class. This is first of his big electric race this year in the special time with the coronavirus, with a big result getting into the A-Main and everntually finishing in 11th place. 

A-Main Final Results (Xray ProStock):
1. Alexandre Duchet
2. Simon Lauter
3. Max Machler
4. Kevin Nielsen
5. Casper Lund
6. Lukas Ellerbrock
7. Fabian Bucher
8. Frederik Brolos Mikkelsen|
9. Alex Kunkler|
10. Tim Benson
11. Lars Hoppe - ARC R12

In the 40+ Master class, Thomas Oehler piloting the ARC R12 was leading the pace in practise. Qualifying 3rd on the grid, Thomas finished in a respectable 5th in the A-Main.

A-Main Final Results (40+ Master):
1. Alexander Stocker
2. Caspar Morgen
3. Nathan Parker
4. Christian Drieble
5. Thomas Oehler - ARC R12
6. Frank Fuchs
7. Mirco Thalheimer
8. Gregor Konig
9. Werner Schmitzer
10. Dave Lunenburg
11. Christian Grabher

Source: ARCMonaco RC