The new ARC front-wheel drive (FWD) touring car R11F is ready now. The R11F FWD touring car is base on the successful R11 2019 platform with front motor alignment, 95% spare parts on R11F is common to the R11 2019. 

Chassis and Upper Deck:
Made from high-quality 2.25mm carbon fiber plate is the R11F main chassis and the upper deck have 3 different types from the original 2.0mm and option 1.6mm and 2.0mm aluminum, all upper decks are from the R11 2019, ARC user can switch the upper deck between their R11F and R11 2019. 

Belt Transmission:
The R11F uses single belt transmission in front side. The single belt transmission is easy to maintain and highly efficient. 

Battery Alignment:
There are 5 different battery alignment on R11F, different battery alignment can make significant changes in handling, both 2S standard lipo, and short lipo battery can be installed on R11F. 
A.2S Standard Lipo Battery Side Alignment 
B.2S Standard Lipo Battery Cross-Chassis Alignment 
C.2S Short Lipo Battery Cross-Chassis Alignment 
D.2S Short Lipo Side Alignment 
E.2S Short Lipo Center Alignment

Part number: ARC-R100022
ARC R11F Car Kit

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